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Empowerment. Equality. Education.

 Lulu's Black Market 'At Home' Kits

Welcome to Lulu's Black Market, where empowerment, artistry, and unforgettable experiences come to life. Our curated 'at home' kits help you to express your inner glamour and sensuality, all from the comfort of your own space. Let us introduce you to a world of sensual sophistication, where our mission is to help you feel confident, empowered and connected!

Who We Are

At Lulu's Black Market, we're more than just an entertainment company (check out our Brighton Burlesque Events & Event Services!) We're curators of empowering experiences that celebrate diversity, equality, and the art of burlesque. With a passion for transformation and self-expression, we've reimagined the traditional staying in experience, offering you a chance to revel in sensuality and empowerment on your terms. 

In the humble beginnings of our founder's Brighton based home kitchen, the journey of Lulu's Black Market commenced as a culinary endeavour known as The Black Market. Driven by the desire to provide a unique, immersive experience, Romy, our founder, recognised the potential to marry the magic of performance arts with the tantalising world of gastronomy. The culinary scene, with its rich tapestry of flavours, became an integral part of our narrative, and thus, the journey of developing our signature food products and 'at home' kits was set into motion.

The black markets of WW2 brought communities together, were unique to the region and enabled the locals to obtain items that weren’t available in the mainstream. Lulu's Black Market brings together a curated collection of unique items that are reflective of 1940s traditions, but that are also focused on regeneration and pushing boundaries, to blend the creative and new in order to create a truly unique experience. Our 'at home' kits are a celebration of creativity and community, offering a unique way for you to engage with Lulu's Black Market from the comfort of your home. With our themed kits like the 'Naughty Night In,' 'Afternoon Tea,' and 'Breakfast in Bed,' we aim to cater to diverse tastes and preferences, ensuring there is something for everyone.

We invite you to join us on this remarkable journey, where every step is a celebration of empowerment, equality, and the liberating art of burlesque. At Lulu's Black Market, we believe that every individual has the potential to shine, express, and empower themselves, and we are committed to nurturing that potential in every aspect of our work.

Our 'At Home' Kits

Our 'At Home' Kits are a curated collection of carefully selected items, designed to ignite your senses and spark connection. Each kit is a celebration of self-confidence and empowerment, embracing the spirit of burlesque. Whether you're exploring with a partner or indulging in self-care, our kits offer something extraordinary.

What's Inside?

Our kits are more than just products; they're an experience. Inside, you'll find a handpicked selection of sensual treasures, including:

  • 1940's inspired food products that have been catapulted into the modern day. Our recipes are inspired by the 'Dig for Victory' and 'Make Do & Mend' movement, as an eco- conscious company we are committed to sustainability in our sourced ingredients, processes and packaging.

  • Recipe and drinks inspiration to enhance your experience, simply scan the QR code in your box to start creating! You can also add a bottle of Lulu's signature gin. Crafted with sophistication in mind, it's the perfect accompaniment for a night of self-indulgence or shared moments of connection.

  • Many of our kits include games or activities for you to try with friends, if you can bear to share! 

  • A beautifully wrapped gift box containing your delicious treats and gifts, perfect for any night in or gift. 

Why Choose Lulu's Black Market 'At Home' Kits?

Empowerment: Our kits celebrate self-confidence, sensuality, and self-expression.

Quality: Each item is carefully selected for its quality and ability to ignite passion.

Connection: Whether solo, with friends or a partner, our kits encourage connection and exploration.

Order Your Kit Today

Ready to transform your night in? Browse our selection of 'At Home' Kits and elevate your evenings with Lulu's Black Market. Embrace the power of self-expression, sensuality, and empowerment.

Our Products

Our product range showcases a delectable array of mouthwatering artisanal jams, small-batch chutneys, and gourmet marmalades meticulously crafted to tantalise your taste buds. At Lulu's, we understand that the art of gifting is as important as savouring these culinary creations yourself. That's why we offer our exceptional products both individually and thoughtfully curated into gift sets, ensuring that every jar tells a unique story.

Gift the Art of Flavour:

Perfect for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion, our gift sets offer a versatile range of products and pairings to explore.

  • The Troops: This dynamic duo is ideal for friends and family who love to experiment with flavour combinations.

  • Three's Company: Take the tastebud symphony up a notch with this trio of unique sensations.

  • The Squad & The Platoon: For those who crave a diverse and luxurious experience, these larger sets offer a bounty of culinary delights.

Treat yourself or a loved one, Lulu's products are designed to elevate every culinary moment, from breakfast toast to celebratory dinners. Explore our collection, embark on a journey with our diverse range, handcrafted with passion and expertise. Great taste is a gift worth savouring, at Lulu's, we believe in sharing the joy of deliciousness through quality ingredients and innovative recipes.



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Our Story

Celebrating Empowerment, Equality, and Burlesque Artistry

Championing Empowerment and Equality

Our story begins with a deep-rooted commitment to empowerment and equality. As an educator in the arts, our founder recognized the need for greater diversity and inclusion in the entertainment industry. Lulu's Black Market emerged as a platform to advocate for change, not only on a brand and product level but through a wider mission to reshape industry norms.

Inspired by 1940s Ideals

The inspiration behind Lulu's Black Market draws from the ideals of the 1940s, an era marked by resilience and unity. We take cues from this transformative period, "Digging for Victory" in our community to showcase local entertainers and artisans. Every victory we achieve when our community is represented in the mainstream media fuels our determination to "Make Do and Mend."

Creating a Climate of Openness and Sharing

At Lulu's Black Market, we aim to mend relationships between larger corporations and independent companies. We foster a climate of openness and sharing of best practices, removing fear of change and competition to create a more equal and balanced society.


Dedication to Education, Empowerment, and Equality

Our founder has dedicated a lifetime to education, empowerment, and equality, driving transformative and sustainable change in arts education. Now, the mission extends to champion transformation in the arts industry, ensuring that future generations experience the equality of representation they deserve.

Meet The Founder

With a deep-rooted passion for the arts, a commitment to empowerment, and an unyielding belief in equality, Romy has embarked on a transformative journey to redefine the way we celebrate, connect, and express ourselves. Her commitment to championing these values is not only a testament to her love for her community but also a reflection of her dedication to creating a more sustainable and equitable world.

Pioneering Innovation: The 'At Home' Kits

At the heart of Romy's vision lies a groundbreaking innovation – the 'At Home' Kits. These kits are a testament to her creativity and dedication to delivering unparalleled an experience that empowers you to craft your own moments of sensuality and self-expression, right in the comfort of your own space. 

What They Bring to You

These kits are designed to provide you with the tools and inspiration to explore sensuality, celebrate your uniqueness, and connect on a deeper level with yourself, your partner and friends.

In a world that often demands conformity, these kits are a breath of fresh air. They encourage you to embrace your desires, indulge in self-care, and revel in the art of burlesque.


It's time to embark on a journey of sensuality, self-expression, and unforgettable connection, all under the guidance of a visionary founder who believes in the power of individuality and expression.

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