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Naughty Night In Kit

Welcome to an exquisite journey of passion, pleasure, and connection – the 'Naughty Night In' Kit. This sensual collection of delights is curated to transform your ordinary evening into a memorable, intimate experience that you will cherish. Whether you're embarking on a romantic date night for two (or more) or spending some solo self-care time wrapped in the flames of desire, this kit is designed to inspire and indulge your senses.


Lulu's Lover's Dice:

  • Welcome to an exciting and tantalising adventure that goes beyond your ordinary game night. Lulu's Lover's Dice, the centrepiece of the 'Naughty Night In' kit, is a sensual and playful exploration designed to ignite passion, enhance connection, and deepen intimacy.

  • In this enticing journey, you will be guided by seven distinct dice, each with a unique function to enhance your intimate experience.

  • But that's not all – to make your adventure even more unforgettable, you have the Naughty Night In Kit at your disposal. Activities are linked to the key components of the kit, ensuring you have a holistic, transcendant evening!


Key Features

  • An inclusive kit for couples, solo players or group fun. Our kit offers flexibility for adaptation to intimate preference and further exploration of sexually intimate heights.

  • Selection of starter accessories to open up safe dialogue and exploration.

  • Exquisite packaging for a touch of elegance and sophistication.

  • Enjoy as an indulgent gift for you or make someone's else's evening!

  • Includes extra burlesque and intimate activities, dinner and cocktail ideas to enhance your experience. 


Kit Contents:

  • Black Gloves: These gloves are more than an accessory – they're an invitation to explore tactile pleasures, heightening touch and sensation during your intimate moments.

  • Feather Fan: The feather fan adds an element of seduction to your play. Tease and tantalize your partner with its delicate caresses, igniting the flames of desire.

  • Eye Mask: The eye mask is a tool for sensory deprivation, making each touch, kiss, and caress more intense and thrilling. It's perfect for indulging in role-play fantasies or simply enhancing anticipation.

  • Chocolate: Savor the rich, velvety chocolate, a decadent addition to your intimate moments. Its aphrodisiac qualities can set the mood for passion and sensuality.


Why choose our 'Naughty Night In' Kit?

  • Enhanced Intimacy: The kit is carefully crafted to elevate your intimacy and connection, allowing you or you and your partner(s) to explore desires and fantasies.

  • Endless Exploration: With the Lover's Dice, you have a wide array of scenarios and actions to explore, making every experience unique.

  • Sensory Delights: The inclusion of sensory tools like the feather fan, gloves, and eye mask heighten anticipation, making each touch more electrifying.

  • Aphrodisiac Elegance: If you've added a bottle of Lulu's Old Tom Gin to your order, the rich gin notes bring an element of sophistication and romance to your evening.

How to Enjoy Your Naughty Night In

1. Set the Mood:

Prepare your space with soft lighting, your choice of music, and any additional items you find enticing, like scented candles or soft blankets.

2.Engage in Play:

Roll Lulu's Lover's Dice to initiate your intimate adventure. Use the accessories, like the black gloves, feather fan, and eye mask, to enhance each scenario.

3.Indulge in Sensual Moments:

Savour the journey, take your time and explore your desires and boundaries with open communication and respect.

4. Culinary and Cocktail Pairings:

Elevate your experience with recommended products like oysters, strawberries, or aphrodisiac cocktails that complement the kit's sensuality. Scan the QR code in your kit to access the content.


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Elevate Your Naughty Night In with Our Handpicked Delights

Picture this: a cozy evening, soft candlelight bouncing across drawn curtains, and a sumptuous array of cocktails and canapés, fit for an evening's pleasure. Lulu's Black Market is delighted to introduce you to our recommended products that will transform your intimate playtime into a luxurious experience.

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